MAKO Robotic Partial Knee Replacment

X-ray Before and After Partial Knee Replacement
Makoplasty partial knee replacement

There are three compartments to the knee joint: the medial, lateral, and patellofemoral compartments.  Partial knee replacement is unique in that only one compartment is replaced at the time of surgery.  This explains why partial knee replacement is also referred to as unicompartmental knee replacement.  Total knee replacement is different in that the entire knee is replaced with implants.  All the ligaments of the knee are maintained in a partial knee replacement whereas in a total knee replacement the anterior cruciate (ACL) and often the posterior cruciate ligaments (PCL) are excised.  Maintaining the cruciate ligments helps the knee to feel more normal because of the proprioception capabilities inherent to these ligaments. 


Partial knee replacement can be performed either with or without robotic assistance.  When the robot is used it is called a MAKOplasty ®.  MAKOplasty ® is unique in that a CT scan is performed preoperatively so that the surgical plan for the robot can be prepared using much more information than is obtained from standard knee x-rays.  The robot then guides the surgeon intraoperatively using visual, tactile, and auditory  feedback so that only the bone required to be removed to fit the implants is removed.  It allows for precision down to millimeters and essentially removes any error that can occur during the normal surgical steps of cutting the bone, balancing the joint, and appropriately aligning the implants.  


The benefits of partial knee replacement compared to total knee replacement include that it is a smaller surgery with a quicker recovery, it allows for a more normal feeling knee, and there is a greater chance of returning to high level activities such as running.  The main downside of partial knee replacement is that the associated revision rate, or need for a secondary surgery on the knee, is higher compared to total knee replacement.  This is because there is a higher rate of implant loosening over time with partial knee replacements.  Also, because only one part of the knee is replaced, a patient can develop arthritis in the other compartments of the knee which can lead to pain and the need for surgery to convert to a total knee replacement to get rid of all the arthritis.  


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Patient Testimonials 

"I talked with over four orthopedic surgeons and their staff before selecting the surgeon for my knee replacement. I am pleased I chose Dr. Weidner. He is an excellent Surgeon. His PA, Ms. Richardson, spent over 30 minutes on the phone talking to me about things as the best use of pain medicine, excellent staff. Dr. Weidner uses the latest technology as robotics wisely. He is very willing to talk and work with me as the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Weidner."

"Dr. Weidner replaced my right hip and after one year replaced the left hip. I send my heartfelt gratitude, thank you for everything you have done for me. It is wonderful not to walk around in pain anymore. Not many people have a chance to say they have as great of doctor as I do."

"Dr. Weidner was referred to me by another doctor who was unable to address the issue with my knee after it became infected from an initial surgery (not done by Dr. Weidner). At the very first visit, Dr. Weidner was personable & took the time to answer my questions unlike most docs who rush you in/out. Every visit thereafter, Dr. Weidner's calm & positive approach left me feeling confident that I would finally have use of my knee. To date, I am farther along than I have ever been. Awesome doc"

"Dr. Weidner is great he has done 3 knee surgeries on me and I wouldn’t want any other doctor. He listen to what you have to say and works with you until he finds a solution."

"I highly recommend Dr. Weidner. Fell on the ice and required knee surgery. Excellent results and speedy recovery. He explained all aspects of surgery and how to best care for the knee. He is an excellent surgeon with a very caring attitude. Follows up to ensure everything is progressing as expected. Recently had an issue with rotor cuff and he once again demonstrated his professional competence through alternative options to prevent a worsening condition. Outstanding professional."


"Dr. Weidner is a great doctor. Takes the time to talk to you and really does care. Had a left hip replacement earlier this year and in spite of my age and physical condition, it was relatively pain free shortly thereafter. Hip works great. He's going to do my other hip in a couple of months. No worries here. I should add that the office is very nice and all of the assistants are very courteous and responsive."

"The best ever... the man is an artist!!! I've had 2 surgery procedures done, and both effective!!"

Total Hip Replacement Self-verified patient of Dr. Zachary D Weidner - "Did a great job and great bedside manner!"

"I have been to multiple orthopedic offices over the past ten years and PW Ortho is among the very best. Excellent staff from the front office to the medical assistants. Dr. Weidner is excellent as well. Very personable and attentive"