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X-ray example of broken bimalleolar ankle fracture before and after surgery with plate and screws
X-ray example of wrist fracture before and after surgical fixation with plate and screws

Dr. Weidner is skilled in treating adult and pediatric fractures of all types including shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle, and foot fractures. The majority of broken bones can be treated successfully without surgery, either with casts or walking boots or other types of immobilization. This is especially true for fractures in kids because they have better healing potential than adults and their bones are still growing.  We have the capability to take x-rays in our office and Dr. Weidner can make a recommendation for each patient whether they need surgery or not.  Most fractures are treated as outpatients so patients do not need to stay overnight in the hospital.  Call us today if you have broken a bone and we can make you an appointment to get you healed up as quickly as possible!

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